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All our cats are tested on HCM, PKD and CIN, through both DNA and echo. We also work with 100% traditional Ragdoll lines. All our Ragdolls are free to run around the house and that is also the way our kittens are raised. We are a registered cattery (HK: 23106392) and are member of BCF, TICA and CFA. We wish you a pleasant Ragdoll time! Regards. Our cattery is located in Vlissingen; It is in the South -West coast of the Netherlands. I start to breed Ragdolls in 2002. My goal is to produce beautiful, healthy and loving Ragdolls wich gives us much love and pleasure. Almost all of my cats have the traditional lines. This means that a traditional Ragdoll cat has onl Wij zijn Wilfred en Annelies ten Napel woonachtig in Almelo. We hebben een ragdoll cattery genaamd Qiwi Dolls

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Ragdoll Cattery Dollsparadise - Is een Nederlandse ragdollcattery die zijn katten wereld wijd aanbied voor zowel liefheb of andere breeder Kittentekoop is een website waar u advertenties plaatst voor (ras)kittens en (ras)katten, een link naar uw cattery opgeeft, herplaatsingen aanbiedt of uw kater toevoegt aan de dekkaterlijst

Ragdoll Cattery Qiwi Dolls. Wij zijn Wilfred en Annelies ten Napel woonachtig in Almelo. We hebben een ragdoll cattery genaamd Qiwi Dolls. We hebben voor dit ras gekozen omdat het gedrag en de uitstraling ons erg aansprak. We hebben een leuke groep katers en poezen, ze hebben zo hun eigen rang in de groep PEARL DOLLS CATTERY WEBSITE - RAGDOLLS Welcome to PEARLDOLLS cattery website, please feel free to look around and meet some of our Beautiful purebred Ragdoll cats. Love and passion for the Ragdoll breed began with our first handsome DAIO of America, amazingly intelligent and devotional cat. LaCat Dolls is a small cattery and breeder, breeding Ragdoll cats, located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. LaCat Dolls registered with CCA, TICA, and CFA

Wij zijn lid van de Cats and Tulips waar wij ook onze stambomen aanvragen. We houden ons aan de gedragsregels welke deze verenigingen hebben opgesteld. Mocht je meer willen weten over dit prachtige katten ras, of (vrijblijvend) willen komen kennis maken met onze ragdolls in sliedrecht, bel of mail ons dan even voor een afspraa We are a small in-home TICA registered Ragdoll cattery locates in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. All our Ragdolls are raised underfoot in our cage-free home as part of the family with full attention and love. We only breed for wonderful temperament, health, and well-socialized cats. Our King & Queens are DNA tested for HCM, PKD, FeLv/FIV negative

CatHouse Ragdoll Cattery, Musselburgh. 1,397 likes · 222 talking about this. CatHouse is a home ragdoll breeding cattery based in Musselburgh Scotland, United Kingdom Ragdoll kittens are registered with The International Cat Association (TICA), and are never caged. The cats that are in our reputable breeding program can produce mink, sepia and traditional Ragdoll kittens. Ragdolls have a laid-back personality and enjoy being physically handled making them one of the best lap cats Our goal is to raise healthy, and well-socialized kittens. All cats are living with my family and have been raised in our home with love and hugs. As a hobby breeder, it's hard to arrange a time to show up in the shows. So, I only show cats in the GTA area. If you would like to visit me and my cats, we welcome you to attend the Toronto Pet Expo Davis DollFace Cattery. If you are looking for a high-quality Persian kitten for sale that really stands out, Davis DollFace Cattery is definitely the right choice for you. LEARN MORE FOR SALE. Address McAllen, TX 78504 U.SA. Contacts. I never get a day off and can't go on vacations. What I do isn't easy. I am very passionate about what I do and take it very seriously. Countless hours go into each of my kittens and cats. In 2008 I founded this cattery which is responsible for hundreds of home raised kittens all over the country. We are breeders of high-quality Ragdoll Cats

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  1. DOLL LIKE EXOTIC CATTERY. 438 likes · 7 talking about this. Exotic sh cattery CF
  2. Welcome to The Ragdoll Haven Cattery. Breeders of the exotic ragdoll breed of cats in the US. sEE MORE OF OUR KITTIES find out more about us. A lifetime of breeder support. A customer gained is a family member for the rest of our lives and so we make sure to be available for them in the best ways possible to help them out in the best of our.
  3. POEZEN. Open poezen Op dit moment heb ik 5 open poezen. Dit zijn My Butterfly Tilii (Lizzy), Maine Malawi's To Funky (Funky), Afroditedolls Charity (Cherry), Koc-Pol Cat Borówka (Blueberry).en mijn eerste eigen fokje Fantastic Dolls Bams

My adorable Ragdoll cats follow me from room to room frequently wanting to cuddle or play. After falling in love with the Ragdoll breed, I decided to start my own cattery, Pearl's Ragdolls. Pearl's Ragdolls is a small cageless cattery located in Fort Worth, Texas Cattery The Precious Dolls Lobbensestraat 65, 3271 Averbode Erkend door Vlaamse Overheid. Oost-Vlaanderen. Cattery La Belleza Ragdolls Cattery Cats Dolls Nieuwendorpe 2, 8730 Beernem Erkend door Vlaamse Overheid. Cattery Precious Meshito Eksterstraat 36, 8450 Bredene Erkend door Vlaamse Overheid Website - Email My cats are well behaved and social, they love greeting visitors at the door. My priority is raising beautiful, healthy and happy Ragdoll kittens for families to enjoy. I follow the breed standard of TICA, The international Cat Association. I focus on breeding Ragdolls in colours Seal & Blue in bicolor and mitted Welcome to TICA - The International Cat Association, TICA cats, TICA pedigreed cats, pedigreed cats, pedigreed cats registry, household pet cat registry, domestic cat registry, Savannah cat, Bengal cat, Persian cat, Maine Coon cat

HOME OF RAGDOLL KITTEN CATTERY. We offer purebred ragdoll kittens in many colors and patterns: Seal, blue, chocolate, sepia, lilac, flame, cream, chocolate, bicolor, color point, mitted, tortie, torbie, lynx, and mink. Our ragdoll kittens are ready for homes at 11-12 weeks of age Cattery Quattro, Cattery Ragdoll, Ragdoll Cattery, Ragdoll Baal, Ragdolls Baal, Ragdoll Cattery België, Ragdoll Cattery Belgium, Troonbeeck Please feel free to look around our Chatabelles Cattery website and meet some of our beautiful purebred ragdoll cats, they are very much a part of our family. We are a registered ragdoll cat breeder that believes in raising healthy, adorable kittens that people will truly enjoy All my cats and kittens are Show Quality, I am proud to have some of the best Ragdolls in Europe. Pure Pedigree Ragdoll Babies selectively bred with Love, much care and attention to the original type and pedigrees. Also holiday care in my small luxury cattery by appointment only. Ragdoll Kittens - Excalibur Cats Ragdoll Cattery; Ragdoll breeder in Central Florida, committed to producing healthy, quality ragdoll kittens for your family to love. 05/01/2017 . Pixie has been adopted! 04/03/2017 . We have been taking a break while welcoming our own little one to world, but we are getting back into the swing of things

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Ragdoll lovers focusing on health, temperament and appearance of Ragdoll breed, blue and seal point bicolor, mitted, lynx markings © 2020 Cattery The QutyCats. grafisch ontwerp door www.lizartlizard.com. Dutc Cattery Ragdoll is lid van Facebook. Word lid van Facebook om met Cattery Ragdoll en anderen in contact te komen. Facebook geeft mensen de kans om te delen en maakt de wereld toegankelijker Aangezien we een huiselijke cattery zijn en ik geen kasteel heb zal ik dan dus met soms verdriet huisdier herplaatsen. En dan is het heerlijk om mee te maken en te horen hoeveel vreugd de 4 voeter aan een ander geeft Welkom op de website van Cattery De Verleiding. wij zijn gestopt met fokken!!!! Hallo, Ik ben Maud en woon samen met Jan en mijn ragdolls in Ede in Gelderland.Ik hoop dat mijn website u duidelijk kan maken hoeveel plezier ik van mijn ragdolls heb

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FantasyMeow Ragdoll Cattery. TICA Registered Ontario Ragdoll Kittens. Sweetest and Best Quality of Ragdoll Kittens, Raised with Full of Love and Care. As a home cattery, we strive to provide kittens with the best and take pride in our beautiful healthy kittens Pleasantdoll's Cattery was founded by the Wood family in 2016. We are located in Northeast Saskatchewan and are proud to be able to provide our precious babies to the perfect families all across North America.. I grew up with a passion for animals an d took the best possible care for any that I came into contact with.. For as long as I can remember cats have always been my favorite and I loved.

Perla Dolls , 1st Ragdoll cattery in Greece. Established 2008. WC registered www.ragdolls.gr WCF registered All cats that participating in our breeding program are FIV-FELV negative , HCM-PKD dna tested negative We are a small, home-based cattery located in Athens, Ohio. Our cats are never caged. Ragdolls are very social felines. It is best for them (and for us) to be a part . of the daily interactions of their human family Registered Cattery. What Is A Ragdoll? Ragdolls are the only breed of cat specifically bred for their personality. They have a very placid temperament and affectionate nature. Ragdolls often have a dog like personality. They have a tendency to follow people around,.

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Ragdoll breeder or show kittens are also priced individually. In order to reserve a ragdoll kitten for you, we need a $300 deposit for a pet ragdoll kitten and $500 deposit for a breeder / show ragdoll kitten.. If you are on the waiting list and have not chosen a specific ragdoll kitten for sale, the deposit check is not cashed and is returnable Welcome to the site of Cattery Siempre Amar Ragdolls, located in Vlissingen, the Netherlands. My goal is to breed healthy, beautiful and super sweet Ragdolls! Most of my breeding cats are born from the traditional (original Ragdoll line) lines

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Purebred Ragdoll Cats, Colorado ragdoll cats, colorado ragdoll kittens, ragdoll cats castle rock colorado, ragdoll cats denver colorado, Temple Dolls Home: Thank you!! About Ragdolls: Colors & Patterns: FAQ About the Cattery: The Lionesses: The Lions: The Nursery: Kitten We are a TICA and CFA registered cattery;. We are a small cattery located in Hollister California. We are dedicated to raising healthy, beautiful, very sweet Ragdolls. Our kitties are part of our family and have free run of the house. All cats and kittens are TICA registered and come with a 2 year health guarantee. Patterns: Bicolor, Mitted, Colorpoint Colors: Seal ans blue. Karen Wals CelesTrail Cats calls beautiful Southeast Iowa, the hub of the Midwest, home. Our cattery specializes in breeding beautiful, traditional and fun-loving Ragdolls. Kittens are raised underfoot in our home with plenty of love and individual attention! Please take the time to. As a cat owner, I've experienced every aspect of the love, worry, comfort, stress, and joy that any cat parent feels. I've adapted to the changing needs of my Ragdolls through every stage of their life and, as a result, have grown in my knowledge and approach to being a cat caretaker

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We use this page to communicate cattery news....who is pregnant, who gave birth, current kitten updates and general news and info about 5280 Ragdolls! This page is updated weekly. Please call/text 303.807.0674 for more informatio Welcome to Empire Doll Cattery, proud and ethical breeders of the beautiful ragdoll cat. As a ragdoll cat breeder, the well-being and health of my cats are of utmost importance. They live a life of luxury in my home in Camden (south-west of Sydney), raised inside with my two children This means purebred, traditional Ragdoll cats out of healthy, hearty breeding stock; providing the best possible nutrition to my cats and kittens (I do not scrimp on cost in this area, and this is my highest cost in running the cattery); utilities; genetic testing; hundreds of hours building and maintaining this website; providing adequate veterinary care; paying for all the supplies involved. ragdolls, ragdoll, essex, ontario, cats, kittens, southwestern ontario, windsor, toronto, michigan, ragdoll kittens,ragdoll breeders, quality ragdoll cats, quality. The status of kitten: available - kitten looking for his new home.; pre-booking - someone is interested in the kitten, but has not paid the advance (still available); reserved - someone wants a kitten and made a down payment.; in the new home - kitten is in a new home; stays with us - kitten stays with us.; observation - observation for breeding/show qualit

Christel Vooys is lid van Facebook. Word lid van Facebook om met Christel Vooys en anderen in contact te komen. Facebook geeft mensen de kans om te delen.. LaCat Dolls Ragdoll Cattery. 2,232 likes · 7 talking about this. Our promise is to raise healthy, beautiful, well socialized, true to breed standard, Ragdolls If you live in Florida and you're trying to adopt a Ragdoll kitten or cat, your best choice is to go to a Ragdoll cat breeder. These are people who specialize in the breed and really understand their personality traits and how to care for them. Finding a Ragdoll cat breeder in Florida can be difficult, but we've done all of the hard work for you. We've spent hours researching to find all. Victorian Gardens Cattery has available retired breeder Persian and Himalayan adult cats and other adult cats to qualified adoptive homes. They have been deeply loved in our home. We know our pets well, so please ask any question you might have about them. We are looking for a specific type of home based on the personality of our pet

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ABOUT BROADWAY RAGS - Featured on Animal Planet's TOO CUTE! Broadway Rags is a TICA registered and New York State licensed family owned and operated cattery dedicated to nurturing the finest in elite style Ragdoll cats and Ragdoll kittens specializing in Flame, Cream, Red Mink, Lilac, Chocolate, and Lynx patterns as well as offering traditional style Blue and Seal Traditional Ragdolls Katers . Traditional Ragdolls - Poezen. Joe Kater Joe's pagini Feb 26, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Kitty Cature Cattery. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres KimuraDolls Ragdolls, a TICA & CFA registered Ragdoll breeder located in the Hampton Roads area (Chesapeake / Virginia Beach / Norfolk / Suffolk / Hampton) of Virginia Cattery Perla Doll's*GR. Breeds: Ragdoll If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us. We will gladly answer you

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Elbrus is the registered cattery with TICA, CFA, and CFF. Follow by TICA rules and standards Elbrus cattery provides the responsible breeding of pedigreed Siberian kittens with a value to preserves the distinct characteristics of individual pedigreed cats and ensures the continuation of predictable physical and behavioral traits for future generations Nov 21, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Doll Face Persian Kittens - ww. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres De vader lijn: Vader: Calaquendi Dolls Tiki Matiu, geboorte datum; 23-06-2010 Opa: RW QGC Ragmagic Gianni Versace, geboorte datum; 27-04-2008 Oma: CH Aurorapetz Tiki Hine Roha, geboorte datum; 05-05-2008 De moeder lijn: Moeder: Van Zeewolde Lily of the Valley, geboorte datum; 08-06-2008 Opa: SouthernDawls Syn Ops Is, geboorte datum; 19-10-1997 Oma: ACatCalled Padme, geboorte datum; 08-07-200 My name is Brigitte and together with my husband and daughter we run a small homely cattery and all cats are full members of our family. Occasially we will have a litter. The kittens will grow up in our home and will be used to all sounds of the house including other cats and a dog

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  1. Ragdoll Cattery Bella Dolls best view at 1024x768 or highe
  2. We are a family owned cattery. We have been breeding since 2002. We fell in love with the breed about 18 years ago. My friend a horse and dog breeder owned a ragdoll, and from the first time we saw him we had to have one. Well one turned into 2 and so on. We live in New Brunswick, Canada with our 4 children
  3. e. My love of cats started at the young age of 3 and has continued throughout my life. Recently I have been lucky enough to realize this dream. Although I am a new breeder I can assure you that the care and attention given to all cats and breeding decisions is of the highest quality. Evelyn.
  4. Welcome to ClaRagdolls. © 2017 by ClaRagdolls ltd. Proudly created with Wix.comWix.co
  5. Gianna's Dolls is a Ragdoll breeder in Texas and we have Ragdoll kittens for sale in Austin and the surrounding Texas area. Our beautiful and loving babies come from European and Traditional lines. We breed for teddy bear like faces, and sweet, cuddly personalities. All our cats test negative for FIV, FeLV, and our cattery is free of FIP
  6. g the cat

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  1. Feel free to contact wuerch@hotmail.com. Our Next Litter is Due to be born July 1st 2020 and be Ready October 2020.They are will be a Mix of Bicolor and Mitted.. The more FLEXIBLE Families are to Patterns and Colors the SOONER we can help them ADD a new family member
  2. Our ragdolls Celtic Mist Cattery @@@ this page is currently in build @@@ Double Grand Champion Angelicdolls Neal of Celtic Mist. Our stud boy come to us from famous Angelicdolls cattery British shorthair cattery Ireland; pedigree cats Ireland. Webmaster Login. This site was designed with the.
  3. Persian cat giving birth to a persian kitten at Daphne's Dolls Cattery Mandy Jane. Loading Daphne's Dolls Cattery - Duration: 3:36. Mandy Jane 82,541 views. 3:36

Lapdolls' cat and kittens are registered with TICA and CFA. Our cats are members of our family, kittens grow surrounded by loving care and love. Ragdoll kittens are raised as part of the family around other cats, dogs and children. Our cattery offer beautiful traditional ragdoll kittens in seal and blue colors with bicolor and mitted patterns Elegant Ragdoll Cattery Kittens is a small cattery raising all of our kittens underfoot and lovingly socializing them for their forever homes. We offer some of the most beautiful and sought Ragdolls Kittens. We would like to welcome you to our site. As early as we can recall, my love for this wonderful breed began as a young child FurryTail Ragdolls offers pedigreed traditional and mink Ragdoll kittens for sale in the greater Atlanta GA area. Our kittens are raised in our home and our animals are never caged. If you are interested in purchasing one of our kittens, please filled out the adoption questionnaire Our cattery is managed by Denise Wolff as a Ragdoll enthusiast and hobbyist in addition to all family members, including our two Parti Yorkies Delilah and Kimba who oversee everything. NY Ragdolls is only dedicated to breeding healthy, gorgeous, well socialized, amazing cats in a clean safe environment Our Cattery. Ragdolls Totally Terrific - In 2012 RTT started a very small cage-less cattery (meaning no cats enclosed in cages as a lifestyle) I do contain kittens in play pens or their own room when unsupervised. When I am supervising, they are allowed to roam freely at our home

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We are a small cattery where the kitties are all raised underfoot in our home. They have the run of the house. I specialize in the Lynx pattern. I offer kittens, in Seal, Blue, Flame and Tortie Point, in Lynx, Bi-Color and mitted pattern. Soon I will have Chocolate and Lilac's as well. Growing up as a child, I always had cats Beautiful cats kittens and small babys also available cats for sale Persian Cats Himalayan Cats MaineCoon Cats Siamese Cats. All types of cats and kittens available and Find you best friend within the thousand breeds available on Gumtree: Persians, Siameses, British Shorthairs and many. Welcome to Ragdolls Palace Cattery. We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area of beautiful California. We are a small boutique Cattery offering exclusive Ragdoll kittens of excellent quality. Our cats and kittens are our family, and live at home with us in a clean, loving environment, pampered and spoiled daily

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Welcome to Doll Villa Ragdolls! We are a CFA and TICA registered, small in-home cattery located in La Habra Heights, California. If you have any questions please email us at contact@ragdollvilla.com. Email is our prefered way of communication Forestdolls Cattery. 8117 County T. Arpin, WI 54410 (715) 652-3349. Contact Information. Both were born at the same time as the cats mentioned in the review, including the allegedly.

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The Munchkin is built for speed and agility, and it is amazing to watch them play, dash around, and climb their cat tree. PERSONALITY. The Munchkin is a sociable and extremely playful cat. They love playing with their toys and playing hide and jump with their kitten friends. They also enjoy company including children, dogs, and other pets Ragdolls are the only breed of cat specifically raised for their personalities. Ragdoll cats are the sweetest, most loving, outgoing, friendly cats you will ever own. We are a Ragdoll Cattery dedicated to Ragdoll Cats & lovingly raising Ragdoll Kittens. We have Ragdoll Kittens for Sale a few times a year 4Paws Cattery is a new and purpose built cattery in the leafy eastern suburb of Boronia. Here at 4Paws Cattery, your cats comfort and safety is our number one priority. We can accommodate a range of special requests to ensure your cat has an amazing and relaxing time while staying us Cats are displayed by show season, with the most recent season at the top. You may filter the photos by selecting any combination of show season, color, and cat's name or partial name. Use the Submit button to apply your choices, and the Reset button to display all photos again

KIDZ N CATS DOLL COLLECTION 2015 ⋆ My Doll Best Friend BlogPLEATED SUMMER 18" slim doll dress by Knit N Play - CraftsyCute spooky sweet miniatures and BJD dolls: Anthro ballSharon in Spain: Gotz me some new girls!Drowsy Cat Snuggles With Her Pink Rabbit Doll As She Dozes

I have always loved cats with a passion and to the extreme, Up until the time that I got my first ragdoll kittens I had always had strays. My best friend after which I named my Ragdoll Cattery was a red domestic longhair whom shared my life for 21 years, unfortunately in between hospital stays I lost the feline love of my life Welcome to Kunapaws Cattery, home of the majestic Siberian Forest Cat. Kunapaws Siberians are known for their exceptional health, outstanding temperament and natural beauty. We are a small hobby cattery with high standards. Our cats run free in our house and are not caged. We strive to breed the best Siberians and love each and every one Dawn's Darling RagDolls is the home of the sweetest cats in Newton, KS. Browse our website to learn how you can adopt or purchase felines from us Cats W'Class reserves the right to cancel the placement of any kitten/cat listed on this site. We will not hold a kitten/cat without a deposit which is accepted in good faith and is non refundable if the Purchaser changes her/his mind. Enjoy your visit to CatsW'Class Persians and please come back to visit us again KFBear Ragdolls Cattery is a cage-less ragdoll cattery located in New York. We breed top quality healthy, beautiful and well socialized ragdoll kittens. All of our cats are TICA and CFA registered Noa, de poes. Shiny Cats Miss Noa. Seal Point Bicolor Female 02-08-2016 Parents: Mal

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